Links/sites of interest
Sites about animals, fantasy creatures, stories, science-fiction, and relevant online communities:

Sabertooth's Pride
MSN group dedicated to all things cat - totems, shamanism, were-cats, big cats, art, history and conversation

Thor The Barbarian
Huge fantasy-mythology oriented site - the title sums this one up - check it out!
Sites about zoology, biology, paleontology and in general informative places to visit to learn more about the animals that inspire the Carnefx replicas.

Hybrid big cats  - everything you ever wanted to know about cross breeds between wild felines with plenty of rare photos.

Big Cats - clearing house site with links to many informative sites about wild cats.

White tigers and lions - comprehensive site with plenty of photos covering unusual color phases of lions and tigers.

Ligers - site with lots of photos of ligers.

The Thylacoleo Remembrance - Comprehensive site detailing the extinct "marsupial lion" Thylacoleo.

Thylacoleo - the marsupial lion compared to the placental saber toothed tiger.

Australian lion - another link on thylacoleo.

marsupial predator bite force - comparison of marsupial predators with placental predators,

Predator bite force comparison - PDF document comparing the bite strength of several modern and extinct predators.
Sources for products and materials of interest to artists and craftspersons (I am often asked where I obtain the faux fur I use on the replicas, as well as other things).

Denver Fabrics - good selection of faux fur sold by the yard.

Big 4 Fabrics - basic short and long pile faux fur colors

Tohickon - glass eyes

I'm Stuffed Fur - nice selection of high-end faux furs sold by the yard.